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1.       Fork truck sirens ; All our fork trucks will be fitted with new white sound sirens which effectively reduce the high pitched sound and maintain the safety features intended. This work has commenced and will be completed by the end of August.See safety alert attached.

2.       Excessive exhaust sound from our shunter vehicle; A silencer has been sourced from the manufacturer and fitted 1st August 2012. The sound appears to be much better and we will monitor reaction.

3.       Metal clanking sound; It is inconclusive whether this is from MTL or other nearby sites. However we have cleared the area parallel to Ferrars Road of skips and positioned them on the boundary line between us and BOC. This should increase the distance of any potential sounds being generated.

Can residents please give us some feedback on whether the solutions Darren at MTL has put in place have worked?

Darren has been extremely co-operative in trying to solve these problems and if they have been solved I would like to be able to let him know and thank him, if they haven't we can work with Darren to look at what has or hasn't worked.