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Is March 2012 The End For The Tinsley One Stop Shop?

Tinsley's support services are mainly delivered by the voluntary sector with both Tinsley Forum and Tinsley Advice Service being groups that have have a very uncertain future. Tinsley Community Forum and Tinsley Advice Service need to find funding to continue their work, however this is becoming increasingly difficult to do as the work they undertake for local people isn't work they charge clients for and money can only be generated through different "pots" of grant funding which they have to "bid" for in competition with much larger organisations, some who employ "professionsl bid writers". Both organisations are currently working on reduced hours (3 days per week) with both organisations losing vital staff to losses is funding. Both organisations work from the Tinsley One Stop Shop which is a building that requires around £25,000 per year to run without taking into account any costs for staff, this means that every year around £200k has to be raised in order for the services to continue. Both services hope to run until March 2012 on reduced staffing and with a much reduced service, after which at the end of March 2012 unless any further funding is found the One Stop Shop, Tinsley Forum and Tinsley Advice Service will all close and their sevices be lost to the community.

Tinsley One Stop Shop is to stay open until at least the summer of 2012 thanks to a successful application by Tinsley Advice Service to the National Lottery for a one off grant. The funding will allow Tinsley Advice Service to continue to offer a service in the One Stop Shop until they know whether they have been successful in the commissioning process of Advice Services that the City Council is currently undertaking. The Advice Service has been in operation since 1984 and has worked from the One Stop Shop since 2002 offering a comprehensive and much needed service to local people. Mohammed Asif who is manager of the Advice Service said that the lottery grant had come at just the right time for the Advice Service and that everyone at Tinsley Advice Service was really grateful to their Treasurer; Chris Goddard for all the hard work she had put into securing the Lottery grant, without which the Service may have closed. The funding is also good news for Tinsley Forum as it means that they are able, with the help of the Advice Service paying operating costs for the One Stop Shop to keep their service running until the summer and hopefully beyond should they find future funding.

Tinsley Forum was established in 1984 and has worked since that time to offer the local community a variety of essential services aimed at improving the overall health, life skills, social and employability prospects of local people and worked towards tackling local issues and building a stronger community. Over the past 11 years Tinsley Forum has been successful in attracting funding to secure a 99 year lease on the Tinsley One Stop Shop, finance its renovation from a disused Church to a community building and pay for staff wages and running costs. The Forum currently have funding to keep the One Stop Shop open and staffed until July this year, after which unless further funding is found the services Tinsley Forum offer to the community will cease and the Tinsley One Stop Shop will close. The closure of the One Stop Shop will have a knock on effect to Tinsley Advice Service and all other users (including PCT, TPCC, Sheffield Homes, SY Police PCSO's amongst others) who would at that time have to find suitable alternative premises to run their services from or find the additional finances for the building to run. As it currently stands Tinsley Forum looks quite likely to close to the general public at the end of March 2012.

Tinsley Advice Service (TAS) have also operated since 1984, we support the local community and offer a city wide service for people and families who need information, advice and support. We are currently suffering from severe financial difficulties which could bring about a potential closure of our service. TAS is situated on the community doorstep in the Tinsley One Stop Shop with very easy to access for the local community. We hold the Legal Service Commission Awards in Welfare Rights and our work around Immigration, Nationality and Debts has contributed to us running a service that works with over 4000 clients and deals with over 6,000 enquiries per year. TAS generate between £250,000 and £300,000 per year into households in the local community for clients who come to us for help with benefit problems and debt advice. Currently TAS gets just £33k a year from the City Council with all further funding found through fund raising of which we have already raised over £1.5m in 20 years to pay for Advice and Reception staff and our running costs but this is getting harder and harder to do. If TAS closes, local residents will have to seek support from other services which are out of the local area. Residents will face transportation problems, language barriers and won’t receive home visits. Currently the Advice Service has tendered for a Council Advice contract which would start in July 2012 but this would be very problematic if the building closed at the end of March 2012.

Money that has recently been spent and is to be spent in Tinsley include the second phase of Housing Market Renawal (after initial phase one funding for consultation and compulsary purchace of the car lot) phase two is the £330,000 improvement scheme to Highgate Shopping Centre. In addition a £1.3 million renewal of Traffic Signals on the Tinsley Roundabout will take place from January 2012,

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