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Charity Registration No. 1131895
Company Registration No. 3881700 (England and Wales)

Tinsley Forum
Working In Partnership With The Local Community
Norborough Road next to Tinsley Green entrance
Newmarch Street
Town Street Bawtry Road End
End of Newburn Drive, Private land on Newburn Drive.
This Fence now broken was provided by Darnall Area
Panel to stop fly tipping some years ago
Litter on Norborough Road
Norborough Road
Footpath at the end of Siemens Close
Town Street Sheffield Road End
Fly tipping and Litter in Tinsley, 3rd November Walkabout
Councillor Mary Lea, Eric Finbow, Sheila Sutherland (Tinsley Forum) Neil Parry (East End Quality of Life Initiative)
If you see fly tipping taking place or have any problems with fly tippers
Please contact Sheffield City Council: