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Tinsley Forum work to improve the quality of life for local people and work with those most at need to offer support and services that make a positive change. The work that we undertake is community led, meets identified need and makes a real difference in the community.

A list of events that took place in Tinsley through the work of the Forum and local people in the last year is as follows:
The Forum's in house activities during the year were focussed on working with local people to improve their quality of life and this was achieved through the efforts and hard work of Tinsley Forum staff, the Trustees and local volunteers. There were 4 separate areas of work that were undertaken by Forum staff which were; Education and Training, Work with Young People, Employment and Social Prescribing which were constant throughout the year.

Education and Training courses that were delivered within the One Stop Shop were set up in response to local peoples need. IT based courses included, Microsoft Office Applications: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Publisher. Other courses that were delivered were Using the Internet, Digital Imagery, Citizenship and Driving Theory all of which were well attended and received by local people. In addition to the computer classes that were delivered, around 100 people also attended the One Stop Shop for ESOL classes which the Forum publicised and recruited to.

Work with Young People was again something that the Forum undertook in order to give young people who were not in education, employment or training (NEET) or at risk of becoming NEET the best possible chance in life to fulfil their potential. Young people sessions took place with local children with us working with Brinsworth and Hinde House schools to develop work that met the needs of young people. Work was undertaken with local Roma Slovak and Polish children who live in Tinsley to try to get them into local schools if they weren't currently attending and also homework / internet / stay and play sessions were put on within the IT suite in order to encourage integration and education. A lot of the work with young people was undertaken in order to get young people into further education or into employment and as a result the NEETs figure for young people this year was 8 which reflects all the hard work that has been undertaken.

Assisting people to find employment was something that was again a focus of our work as it had been in previous years. Local people were encouraged to use our services to find employment which offered people an opportunity to be made job ready. Clients were offered a job brokering service where they would be given assistance to make a CV, help with job search, application forms and interview techniques. We worked with local employers to try and get priority interviews for people and received regular updated job lists from these and other employers. Once people found work we still had regular contact in order to make sure that they had all the support that they needed in order to continue in their employment.

Social Prescribing took place this year with the Forum working with the PCT to employ a worker who liaises with the doctors surgeries to take referrals for people suffering from mild depression and supporting them back into active community life, as well as encouraging others into volunteering, both locally and citywide.

As well as these 4 areas of work we undertook a variety of different tasks that came as a result of us working with local people. Through the project manager we addressed local issues of noise and air pollution, littering, dumping, traffic, youth nuisance and many other issues that were personal to individuals. As part of this work the Forum has worked closely with Street Force to deliver a service that meets people's needs. This has included more regular cleaning of local streets, removal of graffiti, household furniture and electrical items and clearing of leaves from pavements. The distribution of free energy saving light bulbs for local people was also something that the Forum undertook this year.  The staff do a really good job on a day to day basis of dealing with everything that is thrown at them and this is one of the reasons why our service is so well used.

On a community wide level our work this year has involved many things, a list of some of these are as follows:
Working with the Environment Agency, local Councillors, Yorkshire Water, Blackburn Meadows and Sterecycle to address smells omitting from both the Blackburn Meadows sewerage plant and the Sterecycle waste management plant.
The Forum have worked with the Blue Loop Project to engage local people in health activities around the Blue Loop which is a continuous loop of waterways and riverside walkways in the heart of Sheffield, made up of The River Don and Tinsley Canal. It travels for 8 miles from the city centre and flows close by the communities of Burngreave, Attercliffe, Darnall and Tinsley and offers loads to see and do for families and individuals.

Tinsley Forum also worked with the Environment Agency and local Councillors to solve local resident's complaints about noise and air pollution emitting from ELG Haniel Metals in this year.

The work that was undertaken with EON around plans for a Biomass Power Station to be built in 2012 on the site of the old cooling towers after the work that had already taken place with EON around the cooling towers demolition.

Trustees attended meetings with the British Oxygen Company to address problems for local residents with falling leaves and shading from trees which affected around 25 to 30 properties. 

As part of his work for within the community, Neil Parry, a trustee of Tinsley Forum was presented with the Care4Air Outstanding Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to improving air quality within Tinsley and across the East End of Sheffield.

Meetings with First Buses was an ongoing occurrence this year with buses cancelled or missing and services changed without local people being informed. Work to build good links with First took place with a small steering group formed to work with First to discuss changes to bus services that effected local residents.

The Forum worked hard with staff at Tinsley Green to promote and work on Tinsley In Bloom which is a yearly event aimed at cleaning up and greening up the local environment.

The Forum worked with the Housing Market Renewal team from Sheffield City Council to explore a possible development to Highgate shops. Work was undertaken by Forum staff to be a link between local traders, schools, churches, surgeries, surrounding householders, the HMR team and consultants to develop ideas for a plan that would be something that met local need.

Trustees of the Forum are active members in many groups and initiatives of which include: Healthy Tinsley, The Neighbourhood Development Group, The Environment Topic Group, East End Strategy Group, NAG and The East Community Anchor Group amongst others.

Work took place this year with Sheffield City Council's Public Art Officer and EON to create an artwork to serve as an icon for Sheffield of which EON would donate 500k and Sheffield City Council would aim to source additional funding for the project.

Plans to relocate both Tinsley Infants and Tinsley Junior Schools away from the M1 motorway, due to poor air quality and noise pollution were discussed in detail this year and meetings took place with the HMR team and Cabinet members to try to address this issue. 

The setting up of Partners and Communities Together' (PACT) and the introduction of a Safer Neighbourhoods Officer in this year meant the Forum having representation at local PACT meetings and has given local residents a platform to directly influence local police priorities within Tinsley. This has meant that local issues can be quickly dealt with and proposed Police initiatives within the community can be relayed to the local community from communication between the Safer Neighbourhoods Officer and the Forum which takes place at Community Forum meetings.

The introduction of the East Communities Assembly Team who work closely with Tinsley Forum as a link between the Forum, The City Council and its services was introduced in this year with priorities mirroring those of the Forum around: Children and Young People, Employment and Poverty, Safe and Strong Communities, Environment, Housing and Health.

The Forum worked with Sheffield Enterprise Island in this year to help people who were thinking of starting a business, but who have not yet done anything to find out ways of making it happen. This involved running local workshops and making people aware of the help that was available for small business start ups.

Joint work was undertaken between Tinsley Forum, Groundwork and Sheffield City Council to put together a funding bid to improve the access between Wharf Road and Tinsley Tram Stop. Local people were given a questionnaire around the proposal to ascertain what improvements people would like to see and how the towpath could be made a better, more attractive and safer area to walk and cycle.

The Forum worked with the City Councils Community Forestry worker this year on various tree planting projects, one of which was a 'Trees for Free' scheme whereby anyone could have a free fruit tree for their garden.  The scheme encouraged people to grow their own fruit and vegetables whilst educating people around nutritional values.

This year saw the Tinsley Community Allotment sited at the rear of the One Stop Shop, opened up for local community use.  Trained horticulturalist Jo Kirby and Sheila Sutherland, a trustee of Tinsley Forum ran weekly sessions on the allotment for local people and local children from Tinsley Junior School. 

Tinsley Forum took part in the Sheffield Spring Clean where residents were encouraged to help clean up areas of Tinsley which included the canal towpath and Highgate shops.

A Bring Out Your Rubbish Day and a community skip was arranged this year as part of the overall plan for keeping Tinsley clean where residents were given the opportunity to get rid of their unwanted rubbish free of charge, this also helped to eliminate fly tipping.

The Forum worked with Pedal Ready to promote 'Cycling in Tinsley'. Bike services took place at Tinsley Junior School on Mondays and a number of cycle events were planned throughout the summer to encourage local people to use bicycles, reduce pollution and get fit. A Dr Bike scheme also took place where people could bring their bikes and have a full "medical" check undertaken on them.

Tinsley Forum worked closely with Sheffield City Council this year to promote the Free Home Insulation Scheme. Promotion of the scheme took place door to door with the scheme offering free loft and cavity wall insulation to private tenants and homeowners across Sheffield, providing their property is suitable, regardless of income.  The main insulation measures of the scheme were loft and cavity wall, some under floor insulation and the fitting of loft hatches.

The work that we undertook last year has been vital in delivering services to the community that they have asked for. We are responsive to community need and fill the gaps in provision that service providers can't or won't fill. The need for the project is apparent as without our work many if not all of our past achievements would not have happened and our community would be unable to have access to services that are vital to them.

The setting up of the East Community Assembly Team has worked well for us as it takes away layers of bureaucracy and gives us a direct link to the City Council. Whilst outcomes are not always instant or what we are at first hoping for we are able to make the Council accountable for the decisions they make and offer local people a platform to affect these decisions at joint East Area Assembly / Tinsley Forum local meetings.

Other things that have pleased us are the improvements that are visual, it has been really rewarding working with local people on cleanups and litter picks as it gives people a chance to socialise and also the results can be seen and people then become quite protective of their community which is nice. These events are also a good opportunity to network with people and involve them further in our work. It can be more rewarding to promote a coffee morning or a free lunch sometimes than to try to survey a whole community, people who attend coffee mornings and lunch clubs are there because they want to be and this produces a good platform to promote our services and develop their involvement in them.

A lot of the work we have undertaken has involved volunteers due to funding cuts and this has been a time which has at first proved difficult as you have to find volunteers, train them and then rely on them to turn up. However when this has worked it has been brilliant to see people getting involved in voluntary work within their community and grow in confidence and stature.

Tinsley Forum
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